10 Fabulous Places To Visit In Europe This Spring

Who doesn’t love Europe in the Spring? Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t love Europe any time of year? However, spring is on its way bringing warmer weather, less bulky clothing (which makes for easier travels), and more friendly feelings all around. You might be seeking out a vacation with your sweetie or planning to take the whole family on a cultural exchange.

Whether you are seeking quiet restorative energies for a retreat, or boisterous wild times for a reunion with your college best friends, Europe has the full gamut to offer. Below you’ll find to dream locations to suit your deepest desires for a European spring getaway.

1. France

Fall under the same spell that enchanted some of the greatest artists, writers, and musicians ever known. Visit the sites which inspired their greatest labors; stroll through the coastal villages of Matisse’s master paintings or Marie-Antoinette’s gardens at Versailles, or end the evening lounging in one of Hemingway’s Parisian cafes. And don’t forget to stop in for dinner at some of the world’s most famed gastronomic meccas such La Coupole where Dali, Fitsgerald, and Picasso dined, or Maxim’s famed since the 1900 World’s Fair. Be prepared for the absolute epitome of elegance as Maxim’s is bound to the classics, fully ensconced in the decor of the Art Nouveau movement, men are required a suit and tie, and women in trousers are frowned upon. Much like any classically french restaurants, the menus all feature the richest flavors of the country, short no request for butter or cream in the recipes. You are warned to watch your waistline when swimming in such culinary waters.

2. Italy

The sort of place that calls you back time and again. You may come for the grandiose art and architecture or perhaps just the scent of the bakery goods each morning, but you return each time for the sensation of the old world. There is another life present in the streets of Italy you’ll rarely find elsewhere which speaks of ruckus nights round large tables of family and quiet lovers trysts. Finding more merchant’s markets and twisting lanes than grocery stores and highways, you may find yourself forgetting to grab that buzzing cell phone. There are no shortage of interesting villages, cultural events, or scenic views to satisfy your next adventurous inclination, seek out the renowned museums, restaurants, and shopping of Florence, Naples, Milan or the oceanic views of Alberobello and Positano.

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