7 Sure-fire Ways to Void Your Travel Insurance

You’re planning your next big getaway. You’ve covered every detail from the hotel, the flights, the tickets for events you want to attend. You’ve even gone to the trouble of getting travel insurance. But are you sure your planned activities aren’t going to void that insurance?

Certain activities, even certain destinations aren’t covered under travel insurance, and unless you are sure you’re asking the right questions, you might be paying out for something that’s not going to do you any good. The following are the easiest ways to accidentally void your travel insurance.

1. Getting drunk


If your insurance has reason to believe you were under the influence when you lost your purse, then you might not be covered. You will have to prove you were sober during the time it was taken. Be responsible with lowered drinking ages and the newfound freedom that may bring while traveling abroad.

2. Getting physical


Thankfully, excepting those of us with fool hardy personalities, the likelyhood of getting into a fight while traveling is relatively low. However, should you find yourself in the situation and become injured as a result, you may have to prove to your insurance company and the local authorities that you were not the aggressor.

3. Not being honest


Filing a claim under false pretenses is the fastest and easiest way to void your travel insurance. There’s already a chance a true claim will be rejected, but leaving out details or embellishing the story can quickly lead to a voided claim.

4. Not disclosing fully


Sounds familiar, but here we mean in reference to personal questions such as health. Not disclosing preexisting medical conditions when filing for travel insurance is a good way to void your coverage should it be found out later. Its better to provide too much information than not enough when it comes to your insurance provider.

5. Going extreme

If skydiving and white-water rafting are on your travel to-do list, you may have already voided your travel insurance. There are insurance options available for extreme activities, but you’ll need to make sure the policy you get covers those situations before hand. To be clear, this may not void your travel insurance, but it may make you not eligible in the event of an injury.

6. Not being prompt


If you were home and something were stolen, you would report it immediately. The same should be true when traveling abroad. Report any thefts or injuries to the appropriate local authorities to ensure your insurance company gets all the evidence they’ll require to process your claim.

7. Not listening to warnings

Should the government declare an area “high risk” or “do not travel”, and you choose to ignore those warnings, travel insurance may not cover you. If you know you will be traveling specifically to high risk areas, consider a specialist insurance policy.

It can be tricky to keep track of all the little things that traveling requires, and even harder to track what your travel insurance policy will and won’t cover, but avoiding these simple trip-ups will get your started. As always, speaking to a professional is the best way to know you have your information correct.

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