9 Scrumptious Italian Cooking Vacations

If you are a lover of food and are looking for a great vacation where you can experience new delights, it’s time to pack your bags and head off to Italy! In this beautiful country, you not only get to see masterful architecture but you also get to taste delicious and decadent meals and desserts. Whether you love to cook or want to learn to master Italian cuisine, we have just the vacations for you! Below is our list of 9 scrumptious Italian cooking vacations that will be truly memorable and delicious!

1. The 7-Day Cooking Holiday In Umbria Of the Authentic Variety

If you are looking to make authentic Italian pizza, fresh pasta and gnocchi, this is the class for you!

What we like about this package:

  • Cooking with local ingredients that were made on the farm, such as olive oil and wine.
  • Enjoying scenic visits to the chocolate factory and ceramic museum.
  • Visiting a winery and sampling delicious wine.
  • Preparing four course meals daily and enjoying it with the farmhouse wine.
  • Delicious daily breakfast to start off your day right for the cooking adventure.
  • Receiving a certificate of participation at the end which you will cherish and show off to your friends.

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