10 Top Galapagos Island Cruises

Looking for a tropical escape? The Galapagos Islands might be your dream vacation with their warm, sandy beaches, clear waters, and exotic wildlife. If you’re looking for the perfect cruise to offer a relaxing and luxurious tour of the islands, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our Top 8 list of the most fabulous Galapagos Island cruises.

1. Galapagos Legend

If you like a side of world class cuisine with your island tour, the Galapagos Legend is just for you. Complete with its own gym and sauna, the Legend is five decks of luxury. This liner even boasts the most advanced safety systems of all the ships that tour the islands. It’s important to feel safe. The Legend can accommodate 100 guests, so unless you’re looking for a more private journey, this tour is the complete package.

2. National Geographic Endeavor

It’s second nature to associate National Geographic with beautiful, picturesque scenery that also offers an air of adventure. That’s exactly what it’s like on the Endeavor. True to its name, this tour is complete with wet suits and snorkel gear, kayaks, Zodiacs, glass bottom boat rides, and more. You won’t be bored on this trip. If you need some peace and quiet or a book to read while you tan, the library is waiting for you inside the ship. There are even facilities for films and presentations. This tour accommodates 96 passengers in 56 outside cabins.

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