12 Ways to Travel the World for Free

Want to see the world, but short on cash? Travel can quickly burn through your bank account when you consider the ever-increasing prices of airfare, hotel rooms, and all the other expenses associated with your typical vacation. It’s a shame when all you want to do is experience different cultures and learn about life in other parts of the world, and the only thing holding you back is money. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of 12 ways you can travel for free:

1. Work for a Cruise Line

Working on a cruise ship can be difficult and taxing, not to mention you will be living with your fellow employees and staff. But if you love travel and want a fun work environment, a cruise line might be perfect for you. There are plenty of different jobs available on the ships depending on your skill sets – anything from cooking and cleaning, to entertainment, hairdressing, and massages. Do your research and see if there is a particular cruise line that fits your personality more than the others. And depending on your job, you might even get some free time to explore when the ship is docked at port!

2. Summer Camp Counselor

With this job you might not be traveling the world, but at least the United States. Every summer, camps fill up with kids all across the country, and each of the camps are in need of counselors and staff. You might not earn much money or be able to save a lot, but you will at least have your expenses paid for.

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